Sunday, April 21, 2013

Disney in bleach?

No, you're not imagining things. I did say Disney in bleach. You are never going to believe what I found on Pinterest and I had to share it with you. Mind you, I am not very creative so I would never attempt to do a design like this but my sister does draw beautifully so I will convince her to do it for me! OK, enough talk - click on this link to see an adorable Dumbo T-shirt done at home with bleach!

So as I was drooling over that adorable shirt, it occurred to me that I did indeed have a ruined T-shirt in my closet. It was a brand new black T and I'd only had it a couple of months when it was ruined by some bleach that someone has splashed on the washing machine and failed to wipe it up. I couldn't make myself throw it out so it lurked in my closet until it was called into service on days that required old grubby clothes.

I pulled out the shirt and took it to the kitchen and inserted a plastic cutting board in the shirt. Then I grabbed a cheap make up brush and poured some bleach into a tiny bowl and began to "paint".

My intention was to decorate a good portion of the front of the shirt but I soon tired. Well, tired isn't exactly true - I got frustrated because I just can't draw. And as if that wasn't bad enough, my makeup brush had disintegrated! The bleach ate it up, LOL!

I was about to give up and realized that I had not yet "painted" the spot on the shirt that has originally ruined it. I quickly did a lame flower (above), then I let it dry completely. Once it was dry, I washed the shirt so that I could wear it tomorrow. The cool thing? I can continue painting in spurts whenever I want.

When I finally convince my sis to do a Disney design for me, I'll be sure to post it!