Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Mallory and I went to the new SmokeJumpers Grill to record a segment of Diningland.

We tried to do a live stream using Periscope but alas, we were not able to get a strong enough signal. However, all is not lost because here are a few pictures from that afternoon.

Here's one more look at the entrance.

While the building remains basically the same, it does have a new paint job. The interior decorations have COMPLETELY changed, reflecting the history of California firefighting with an emphasis on Smoke Jumpers. If for some reason you don't know what Smoke Jumpers are, I'll tell you. They are VERY brave firefighters that literally jump our of planes into the fires, blindly jumping into smoke!

The fixins' bar is still there!

Mallory had the cheeseburger and fries.

I opted for the grilled chicken sandwich with a side of coleslaw. No, the onion rings are not mine!

The onion rings were for my friend, Erik, but he graciously let me have a couple, LOL! Eric and Jack are a couple of friends I've known for several years and they were in town for the Star Wars Celebration. They patiently sat and listened to Mallory and I record our Diningland segment when inspiration struck (light a bolt of lightening) and I decided to turn our segment into Diningland - The Star Wars Discussion, LOL! I hope you enjoyed these pics and I hope you check out the podcast. This particular issue will be coming out in the next couple of days. You can find it either on iTunes or the Gazette website - just click on the Podcast tab.

Follow us on Periscope because someday we will be able to do a live stream from the Parks! Look for thedlgazette.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nothing in particular but all Disney

You are at the Parks, taking pictures left and right with your smart phone when all of a sudden your phone powers down. You've run out of juice. What do you do? You run over to the charging lockers, that's what you do! There are a few in the locker room on Main Street and also on Buena Vista Street at DCA. They are big enough to hold your phone, camera and even an iPad or Android tablet.

This happened to me not too long ago and my portable charger was at home so I took this as the perfect opportunity to try out the charging lockers. For $2, I got the use of a locker for one hour and my phone was completely charged up at the end of the hour! Not bad, not bad at all.

You have a great day at the Parks and head over to your car only to find that you've locked your keys inside. What do you do? I'm taking a wild guess here but if you happen to be in the Simba parking lot, you might be able to get some help. I noticed this "assistance" station as I was walking through the parking lot. Mind you, I'm guessing but I think it's to help guests with car problems. Any thoughts?

When you are walking through Disneyland at night, have you ever stopped to watch the mini water show near Pixie Hollow? It's worth checking out!