Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not too long ago...

Regular readers know that for most of January I was sick, sick, SICK! So much so that I could barely get out of bet, let alone post on this blog.

So I was going through my photos and realized that I had quite a few that needed to be posted!
(And it wouldn't surprise me if one or two that were already posted slip in here somehow...)

In this first photo, we are looking straight down into Snow White's Wishing Well.

Walt and Mickey looking upon their Main Street.

Hello, handsome!

I wonder what the horse is thinking?

I love the entrance to Frontierland.

Hold on to those hats and glasses..."

Peeking into an old tunnel....from the Mine Train?

I love that silly goat!

This shot is for Dave from davelandweb, LOL!

I have to say that I had never noticed this naturally, I had to investigate!

(Look at that bozo reflected in the glass...)

Well that's it for today, folks!

Hopefully there will be a button below this text that allows you to check out other Disney blogs. If the button doesn't work....well....phooey!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Testing mobile posting...

Connie meets Davelandweb 2-25-11

Those people are brave going into that spooky jungle!

While waiting in line, I looked through the windows and took a couple of shots...

What a cool place to hang out!

Here's a closer look...

Wouldn't it be funny to have a castmember sitting there fishing?

Here comes our boat.

I stuck my arm out behind me and snapped, not even looking so I was
surprised I caught these guys.

In line for Space Mountain.

Looking down.

I'll bet you're probably wondering why I hardly took any pictures. Well....I'm laughing as I type this but the truth of the matter is I spent the afternoon with Dave from davelandweb and his friend Stacy and I was having such a good time getting to know them that it was kinda like when I saw the Beatles at Dodger Stadium back in August of 1966. No, I didn't scream!!!  LOL But it was really cool to be hanging out with Dave and Stacy at my 
favorite place on Earth.

Dave, thanks for a wonderful lunch!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Video Friday

Well....sort of! Here's a short video of one of our "favorite" attractions...

The band was entertaining the guests so I decided to snap a few shots.

From the train station...this is one of those shots that will end up on a blog in the year 2085 and everyone will say, "Look at the funny clothes they used to wear!"

These were too pretty to ignore.

I hopped around from land to land...

You would not believe the line for Pirates. The ropes went up and the people kept coming.

Looking down from the pedestrian bridge....

Where in Adventureland???

A sign for those of you that love 'em!


Some parts of the Park were empty.

Time to walk around again...

I really like this shot.

Star Tours construction going on.

I had not noticed this before. Wanna know where it is?

It's in here.

Pretty stuff to buy.

While I was sitting and people watching, I noticed that there were several different colored umbrellas in this view. (I don't know why but I thought all the umbrellas
in the Park were red and white.)

I'm off to Disneyland again today but this time I get to meet
another one of my "blog idols", Davelandweb!