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Saturday, February 28, 2015

18 Days Later... (I think!)

I'm back! Do you ever feel like the Universe is trying to test your patience? Ya, well it's been messing with me but I refused to let it get me down! The last time I went to Disneyland (my last post) I sprained my knee. Don't ask me how because I honestly can't tell you how it happened - it just happened and boy oh boy it happened with a vengeance! Now that the knee is back to normal I am dealing with an abscessed tooth. Tooth Fairy, I am shaking my fist at you!!

Where was I? Oh ya, 18 days later... I went DCA for a few hours to meet up with a friend and check out Olaf's Snowfest. But first, I met Oswald!!

Here I am with Oswald, Shawn and Luke. Shawn used to be on The Disneyland Gazette and one of his segments was Diningland which is now done by me and Mallory. Luke is our Editor in Chief, otherwise known as the Big Chief of the Gazette.

While we were waiting for Mallory, I fell in love with
these mini Olafs.

Love this troll!

These are really cute designs but I won't pay 85 cents to squish a coin, LOL.

Once Mallory arrived, we went inside Olaf's Snowfest to check it out and I was delighted! I was so delighted that I completely forgot that I had my REAL camera with me and whipped out my phone to take these pics.

We decided to go meet Olaf and get a group shot.

Once we had our fill of Olaf's Snowfest, we made our way to the Boudine Bakery to get our sourdough bread sample. I like the new truck that is on display out front!

Once inside, we walked through quickly because not much had changed with the tour.

They did bring in this cart which I thought was a nice touch.

There are now some informative placards under the windows that explain what is going on inside the bakery. Oh, and they added some indoor seating which is very nice!

After that we walked towards Paradise Pier and I knew you would want to see the lagoon without water, so here you go!

It's cool in a weird sort of way, right?

I didn't stay too much longer after that because the old knee started complaining. Until next time!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Oh so thankful...

You might be wondering where I've been. I've been fighting an epic battle and I'm happy to say that I've won. I won't bore you with all the details but in a nutshell, I almost lost my house. You all know that I lost a job that I loved back in January of 2011 and could not find work until July of 2013. While I am grateful for finding that job, it was no easy task to live on substantially less salary. It was a struggle and that's putting it mildly. I came dangerously close to losing my home and that took a toll on me emotionally. I had not the strength nor desire to blog about anything, really. Well, happily, that battle is over. I have negotiated with the bank, my mortgage has been modified and I get to KEEP MY HOME!

I went to Disneyland the other night. I sure missed it - had not been there in over a month! For me that is an eternity, LOL! Naturally, I didn't plan ahead so I didn't have my camera with me but I did take a few shots with my phone so here they are for your enjoyment.

We heard some music over in Tomorrowland so we stopped to watch and listen for a bit.

And then...we decided to walk over to Adventureland but as we passed the castle, I had to take a shot. Doesn't it look strange surrounded by scaffolding?

While my friends climbed to Tarzan's Treehouse, I waited and people watched. And then I guess you could say I building watched, LOL.

It was almost time for the fireworks to start so I made a hasty exit to ensure that I'd be in my car by the time the fireworks ended!