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Monday, March 31, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted at El Capitan Part 1

My son surprised me Friday night and told me that we were going
to the El Capitan to see the Muppets! Yay!

Our seats were up on the balcony and this view stopped me dead in my tracks - how often do you see an empty area in the El Capitan?

And then of course I was distracted by the beauty
of the ornate sconces.

The pre-show has begun and I only took two shots because I could feel daggers on me. Eye daggers.

Don't worry, I'll be back with more.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Random Disneyland Hotel

Regular readers know I like unusual views of things...such as our first photo. I was waiting for a friend under the giant Sorcerer's hat on the hotel grounds and happened to look up. I liked what I saw!

Still standing in the same spot, I noticed a giant star. It's amazing how you can walk by something a thousand times and not notice it until you stand still for a few minutes and just observe your surroundings.

Later that evening I grabbed a quick dinner at Tongaroa Terrace.
I love those sweet potato fries! And I love looking at the pool, wishing
I was a hotel guest, LOL!

I think the staff of The Disneyland Gazette needs to have a monthly dinner meeting here, don't you?

Gotta run....see you soon!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Time to Examine Tikis

It's Tiki Time!

These were taken in approximately in 2011.
I don't believe much has changed, if at all since them. I remember I was sitting at home and all of a sudden it occurred to me that I had not been inside the Tiki Room for several years so I made the drive out to Disneyland just for that. Aw, the good old days when I lived close by!

I briefly used this as my Facebook profile, LOL!

They sure are nice to look at, aren't they?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ward Kimball and Walt Disney Loved Trains

That is no secret!

Practically every Disneyland fan knows this fact but not everyone knows that there are several Disney/train related tidbits out there for everyone to enjoy if you just look in the right place. After The BoneThumpers finished playing their second set, I took off once again to explore the museum.

I noticed two train cars sitting all by themselves in the distance
so I went over to investigate.

I almost didn't go in because I'm not really a train buff - I think old trains are cool but that's as far as it goes. However, something told me to go inside and brave the heat and I'm glad I did.

As I am scanning hundreds of items, I looked UP and my eye caught this. Initially, I was drawn in by the obviously old graphic and then...

...I noticed the label at the bottom...
This had once belonged to Ward Kimball!

It took several attempts to get the above shot - I kept losing my balance because this was waaay up practically on the ceiling and having to tilt my head back....well, you get the picture. Or rather, I got the picture, LOL.

After that, I stopped scanning the items on display and really started looking at them and it's a good thing or I would have missed this gem.

I found a few more items that had been owned by Ward Kimball
so I tried my best to get some decent shots so I could share them with my fellow Disney lovers.
(Make sure you click on each photo to enlarge them.)

This family Christmas Card is great!

Regular readers know that I like to explore structures of historical significance and that includes train stations. My friend turned me on to the Harvey Girls a few years ago so I was pleasantly surprised to find a reference to them here. And as I was writing this post, I found that the museum website has an interesting article on them as well. Just click here.

If you'd like to read my previous post about Harvey Girls, you can find it here.

Yes, this has turned into a rather long post and I apologize but if you've read this far then it's because you want to and I don't feel so bad now, LOL!

The following pictures were what left of my random shots taken at the Orange Empire Railway Museum. If you know anyone that is into trains, please share this post with them. 

A few more Steampunkers for your viewing pleasure.

Check out this barbecue set up!

Oh ya, it was GOOD!

Some random buildings which I didn't get a chance to explore.

And that about does it, folks!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Grizzly Flats Train and More

As promised, we continue our exploration of the Grizzly Flats barn. Inside the barn is the Grizzly Flats train. For some strange reason, it's not all together so it's a good thing that I decided to stick around and fully explore the barn and discover the rest of the train!

This is actually the first thing you see upon entering the barn and then you see the engine which I shared in my previous post.

These really do remind me of the horse drawn trolley cars at Disneyland!

You know I had to know what that little sign said...

No, I didn't climb up on the train, LOL.

As I continued exploring I came upon another train,
much bigger than the Grizzly Flats. I was drawn to inspect it.

They had such beautiful artwork back then...in places where hardly
anyone would notice!

See that leg? It belongs to a tall man. That should give you an idea of just how BIG the wheels are on this train!

At the back end of this engine, I found some more artwork.

These were painted on panels on either side of the door.

Looking inside...

Some restoration is going on.

Guess what? There still MORE Disney train stuff to come!