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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Again, again, again!

I got off of work early on the 20th so decided to go to the Parks. It was a gorgeous day but still a bit warm for my taste. I sat for a bit and enjoyed the view.

Since it was hot, I got really thirsty but a big cup of water and some nice cold grapes soon cooled me down.

Admiring the purple banners on my favorite store at DCA.

And now a little Instagram magic!

A quick peek in Elias & Company and I started drooling over these DCA specific Dooney & Bourke purses. Well, not literally drooling....

Then I went into the first shop in the Hollywood area and the store was full of cool costumes and Halloween merch.

Next stop: Cars Land!

Isn't this the cutest pumpkin patch ever?

And these movie posters are a gas.....get it? A gas?

I got hungry so decided to try the Burning Mac and Cheese.

I liked it.

I also got myself a cool tire pumpkin straw!

Time to walk off that mac and cheese and take some pictures. You can see that I had some more fun with Instagram filters.

Next, a close-up of the grizzly bear mountain.

I made my way to the Grand Californian to check out the Halloween display in the lobby but first...

Look at this guy with his Mickey pumpkin!

He was so cute I decided to snap him in Instagram, LOL!

OK, now we're at the hotel to look at the Halloween display. I think it is GREAT!

That was really cool, wasn't it? After relaxing in the lobby for an hour, it was time to head on over to Disneyland.

I really want some Halloween Mouse Ears and I really want some COCO Mouse Ears and I REALLY want Maleficent Mouse Ears.....what's a woman to do????

Nothing. I have a perfectly good set of ears I bought earlier this year and I'll wear those to the Halloween party.

I was taking a break from the heat and sitting in the shade when I realized I needed to take a video of the Headless Horseman straw I had purchased at DCA. Better late than never!

Here are some Disneyland ducks for your viewing pleasure.

I've always found this spot to offer a nice view, especially at night. Obviously, it's not night time right now, LOL.

The Matterhorn was closed for refurbishments.....I wonder what exactly they are doing?

Waiting to board the Monorail...

It saddened me to see the overgrown trees covering the Peoplemover track.

Once nightfall arrived, things started looking really cool.

I'm sure you've heard that benches are disappearing from the Park...sadly, it's true. The benches and planters from Tomorrowland are gone.

It was getting time to (I wanted to beat the rush) but I took a couple of quick videos of Main Street before I left.

I'll be going back to the Parks soon to try some more of the Halloween treats AND...the other two hotels also have Halloween displays which I need to check out so stay tuned!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Halloween Has Arrived at the Parks!

So unless you are living under a rock, EVERYONE knows that it is Halloween time at the Parks. I know I haven't posted in a while and I sincerely apologize for that. Hopefully these pics will brighten your day.

Thank goodness for smartphones...I'll always know where I parked!

Here's a little update on the new parking structure.

I was on a mission to get my COCO mug and I did get it but these little guys got my attention. I didn't buy one but now I sure wish I had.

Here's my mug - video taken the next day at home.

I finally tried out mobile ordering on the Disneyland app. It was great!

This is the Cruella De Ville brownie!

I love, love, love the mine poisoned apple! While I devoured my Cruella De Ville dessert, I made a quick video of the new food guide that you can pick up at City Hall.

Next, I bought a large poisoned apple mug and this one came with my choice of grapes or pineapple. I chose the grapes because Disneyland had the BEST grapes on the planet. If you would rather get pie a la mode, go to the Stage Door Cafe and get your apple mug there.

Took a quick look behind me, admired the building and them went to get a locker for my purchases. Yes, purchases. I was picking up some mugs for a friend and I didn't want to carry them around all night.

We always must stop and pay homage to THE MAN and his mouse.

Here's a pretty evening view of Tomorrowland.

Next, I'll show you a little fun thing I did with Snapchat filters.

These stickers are from the Disneyland app!

Now let's head on over to DCA where Oogie Boogie is waiting to greet us.

DCA had purple lights in their trees last year but they've added even more this year!

More bats have been added to the buildings, which I love.

As I was walking past the candy store on Buena Vista Street, I noticed this drawing done in chocolate by a castmember. Awesome!!

Here you see yummy Maleficent treats being decorated.

The Carthay Circle looks so darn cool.

More Snapchat fun! I set this one as my phone's background.

This has to be the coolest of all the DCA Halloween decorations, hands down.

Check this out.

Naturally I had my pic taken with my photo pass and then added this cool border.

Here's a close-up of the poisoned apple mug I bought.

I plan to go back at least once a week because there are SO MANY Halloween treats I need to try. Also, I will be going to the party on the 19th so if you see me, say hi!