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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fantasyland at Night

Pretty! Pretty!
Random shots taken with my phone on a Saturday night.

Holiday Merchandise?

Holy smokes, give me a break! I know that some of you like to shop early but I think this is crazy!  It's not even Halloween and Christmas merchandise has invaded the Parks! There is an assortment of sweaters, sweatshirts, pajamas and a T-shirt or two and this was just a sampling of what was found on Main Street.

*shaking my head*

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happiest Haunts Tour

Did you know that Disneyland offers the Happiest Haunts Tour? Neither did I until a few months ago. A friend of mine from out of state was coming to visit and she told me she wanted to go on the tour. We went and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did a write up on it for Disney by Mark and you can see the pics and read the article by clicking here. I hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween Arrives at Disneyland Part Two

Back again - I never tire of this place - This time to take a good look at some of those wonderful details that so many never notice. I returned to the Park on Friday, September 26th just a few minutes after opening.

The window displays at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream shop always make me smile and this time was no exception. Look at this pumpkin carved with an exact replica of the logo!

I heard singing behind me and turned around to see the Dapper Dans.

I walked up and down Main Street for a while and then started taking pictures again.

Let's get back to those windows at the Gibson Girl, shall we? I zoomed in on this assortment of vintage decorations. Aren't they cool?

The table is set for Halloween sundaes and other goodies.

I love the hat!

I stepped into the Fortuosity Shop looking for new merchandise. I found something interesting! I realize that since these pants are on a hanger, the design is upside down but you can still see that it's a cool Snow White reference.

Fortuosity Shop
Fortuosity Shop
Fortuosity Shop

And...to complete the outfit, there is a new Snow White blouse!

I love that this shop is always decorated for Halloween. Basically, it gets a layover like the Haunted Mansion, right?

Now, this caught my eye only because it was so unusual - starfish bracelets.

Now it's time to go back outside and look at pumpkins. I mean REALLY look at pumpkins.

I wonder how many pumpkins there are on Main Street?

I love this one!

There's the biggest pumpkin of them all!

I almost missed this one.

So darn cute!

I've always loved this sign but I can never get a good shot of it...until now.

The wonderful old porch on Main Street was empty so I literally sat there for a couple of hours, just watching the world go by.

Around 2:30, I got up to go meet my friends at the Paradise Pier Hotel so we could get ready for Mickey's Halloween Party which I blogged about here. And soon, I'll post some pics from our Happiest Haunts Tour.