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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Oh my goodness!!!

Where had the time gone?????????? OK, I apologize for my lack of posts but I have been EXTREMELY busy...like moving! LOVE my new place and I'm almost unpacked. So guess what? This blog is boring me so I'm going to try a spot out on myspace...hee hee hee! I'll let you know if and when I decide to do so!


StarskysLady said...

I miss you very much and think of you often.

So much has happened in both of our lives. Wanna email and catch up?

Life is too short for grudges(I say this to myself) I hope maybe you feel the same.

People are dying all around us and here we are, once very good friends which I let go to hell because I was very sick and selfish and actually ended up in the hospital for a couple of months.

It's just not worth it any more. I see so many things that remind me of you in the past three or so months...I don't know why...but there you have it.

You've been on my mind. I miss you. "one is never to rich to throw away a friend"...I threw one away, but now that I'm healthier I can see that I did it.

At least you know were I stand and even if we never talk again, those 7 years we were friends were some of the best I've had.


StarskysLady said...
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