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Monday, March 8, 2010

DCA continued...

So these are posted in no particular order since I jumped all around the Park anyway...

I always enjoy the ever changing flowers in Disney Parks. These look gorgeous and help brighten up the walls that keep people like me from taking pictures of the construction.

The restaurant was closed for renovations...don't know exactly what they are doing but it should be interesting!

This is the new wine bar...I must come back when it's open!

Two young love birds....

Ah yes, I can hardly wait for these!!!

This is the model on display in Blue Sky room.

This was a cool way to decorate those dumb walls.

Another new window display.

This train is so darn cute but won't be here for long.

Would you believe I have never, ever noticed this Premiere sign before?

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Davelandweb said...

where is that premiere sign? Looks familiar but can't place it.