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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I love cruises. LOVE them. I am always amazed by cruise ships. In November of 2001, my son and I went on a weekender cruise to Ensenada and that's when I took these pics.

As I was writing up this post, I remembered my Disney cruise from 2003...oh man, was THAT awesome. Do it. Sell your car, sell your first born, LOL. Just do a Disney cruise!! When I get back from my road trip, I'll dig up those photos for y'all. Meanwhile, let's continue with the Ensenada cruise.

Isn't this cool? On a ship?!?

Gotta run...my next posts will be from the road, sent by phone so there will be at least a couple a day. Also, I will be tweeting so follow me there if you want. I go by MouseConnie!


Snow White Sanctum said...

Amazing. Doesn't look like a ship.

Darrin.. said...

Man that looks a lot like the ship I was on (The Carnival Ecstasy) a few years back. It even had a Rolls like that one!