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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Road Trip Recap of Day One

After a quick stop at Petco in Vegas and lunch at Del Taco, debby and I switched places and I drove from Vegas to Beaver, Utah. What a great drive! In Beaver we switched places and hit the road after gassing up the truck. About four miles out, traffic came to a halt. We sat there for an hour while police cars descended upon The place. Rumors went around that the had been a fatality ahead. Luckily we were warm but also very hungry as we had planned to have dinner in St. George. Another hour went by and a guy from the Transportation Department came by to telm
L us that there was a hostage situation ahead of us! They told us to sit tight and conserve our phone use as we might be there a while. Thank goodness we has some snacks and water!

About half hour later we were informed that we could turn around one car at a time and go backward on the Interstate to take a detour. We finally got to hour hotel around one in the morni g. Talk about adventure!Hurray! Police are turining us around and taking us to a detour. There is hope we'll reach our hotel!

I apologize for any typos as I'm doing this on my phone and the coffee hasn't kicked in yet!


Marty said...

What an adventure!♥

Snow White Sanctum said...

Long hours but exciting!

Major Pepperidge said...

Yeesh, I would have been tearing my hair out and saying lots of bad words.

Rachel said...

That's scary! Glad you guys are okay!