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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Damper Day

UPDATE:  Well, sort of...
Art, if you are reading this, by all means save a copy of your photo!

Sorry folks, I needed to address a comment I got and had no other way to reply to the gentleman! Now let's get on with our story.

No, that wasn't a typo...

I went to Disneyland for Dapper Day but it was so darn wet (not that I'm complaining) and I felt bad for everyone who had gotten dressed up to go to the Park. I took a couple of pictures but was so paranoid about getting my camera wet that I gave up and just enjoyed the Park!

I pulled out my phone to take a photo, not realizing I had it set on video so here you see 2 seconds of a very wet Main Street!

Let's walk together, shall we?

And then, just as I shut off the camera... What's this? Pushing water with push brooms?

My friends and I decided to meet at Rancho del Zocalo for lunch. (Here's a link to the menu.) As we paid for our meals, the rain started POURING down. As you may know, the seating at Zocalo is mostly out in the patio. Well there were plenty of seats but no one wanted to sit in the rain. I can't say that I blame them - who wants wet food?

That's when a charming young lady saved the day by letting us invade her space and share her table! Her name is Kelly and not only was she pleasant, she was friendly and made everyone feel comfortable. I asked if I could photograph her after we ate and she said yes!

She was kind enough to remove the poncho and brave the cold so I could take a photo of her in her lovely outfit.

You know me...I'm always taking pictures of anything just because it catches my eye.

My friends Alicia and Kimberly came to visit because they wanted to be part of Dapper Day.

We left Zocalo and were headed to Pirates when I spotted this lady. She looked so cool; she was perfectly dressed for Dapper Day.

Once we were in line for Pirates, I spotted this couple behind us in line. I tried taking their picture but it came out too dark so once we were off the ride, I waited for them to emerge and then pounced, LOL!

By this time we were cold, cold, cold and one of us had very wet feet so we headed to the Grand Californian to have a drink in the bar. For medicinal purposes, of course.

But first....we made a quick stop in Frontierland. While my friends were in the pin store, I did some people watching.

Looking around as I always do, I started noticing little details so out came the camera...

This light fixture was directly overhead and unfortunately, you can't tell just how big
it really is.

We were seated next to a small fireplace and it was quite cozy. Then I noticed the "hood" above the fireplace was copper. Pretty cool!

We had a nice time enjoying our drink and then it was time for me to go. I wish I could have taken more pictures but there's always next time...

Oh and just in case you were wondering, at Zocalo, I had the Burrito Guadalajara - won't order it again. It was so bland and not worth the price. I should have gotten the mole because that is always good. Go figure!


ArtK said...

Hi! Great post.

I'm the guy from the couple you caught at Pirates. Do you mind if I "steal" your picture of us? We had a bunch of Photopass pictures taken but Disney seems to have lost them. Yours is the only picture of us from that day!

TokyoMagic! said...

Great pics as always, Connie! I was there that day, but this was the first Dapper Day that I didn't get dressed up. We didn't want to get rained on in our nice clothes! Oh well, there is always the next one!