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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Razzle Dazzle for your EARS

Mouse ears, that is. Don't know what I'm talking about? Fear not for I am about to explain... Oh and for those of you that care about such things, I will be capitalizing the word Mouse out of respect and admiration for the MAIN MOUSE -  you know who I'm talking about.

The Gazette staff was recently contacted by a family that listens to the podcast. They asked if we would be willing to test out a product that they make and I volunteered to check it out and do a review. The company is called Covears - very clever! They make a variety of fabric covers that slip over your Mouse ears and you instantly have a new look!

The Covears arrived looking like this...very neat packaging if you ask me!

Normally, I use the headband type of Mouse ears as seen below. (Hmmm, they've seen better days...guess it's time for some new ears!)

My plan was to slip the Covears on but the sequins made the task impossible so I pulled out my Halloween ears. Granted, I seriously doubt that anyone would want to change the look of a themed set of ears but you never know. Anyway, this is what the end result looked like with the yellow and white polka dot Covears.

Right away, I knew I had to get to the Park and try these on a plain set of Mouse ears! Here we see the yellow....

And here are some snazzy animal print Covears!

Don't they look ADORABLE? I kept an eye out for anyone wearing regular Mouse ears because I planned to ask them what they thought of these however, everyone I saw wearing ears that day was wearing the headband type. I was a bit bummed about that.

Check out Covears online - they have a beautiful website and you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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