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Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Cruise: Ensenada!

I got up early Wednesday morning to find some coffee and naturally, I had my cameras in hand. In case you are wondering, I had a light breakfast of two eggs over easy, turkey bacon and some hash browns.

After breakfast, I walked around the ship again and as you can see, most of the passengers were sleeping in because the decks were pretty empty.

Here you get a glimpse of Ensenada. I found a spot to sit and relax while I waited for Linda to wake up, LOL.

Once Linda was up and ready to start the day, it was almost lunch time so we headed to the Blue Iguana Cantina for some grub. When I saw these wonderful chilies, I knew the good was going to be good.

There were two "condiment" bars....I guess you could call them condiments? Various salsas from mild (eye wash, LOL) to super hot, cilantro, diced onion, etc.

When I ordered my burrito, I started cracking up because the cooks were surprised that I got such a small burrito. They said that most people order gigantic, monstrous burritos.

After we ate, I noticed this hand washing station. Naturally I had to try it out and it was pretty cool because it was motion activated. It dispensed the soap and water automatically.

Here's a hint - there is no need to spend big bucks on sun screen. I bought this at Target for $1.50 before leaving home and it worked just as good as the more expensive brands. It saved my face!!!

And now it's time to start our afternoon in Ensenada. What I like abut this port is that the ship docks right next to land and all you have to do is walk off the ship. We took a leisurely stroll to the downtown area in search of Starbucks. I needed to use the WIFI to upload my pics to Google Drive and empty out my iPhone!

Such a pretty ship and Linda is ready for her Chai Tea!

We found Starbucks!

We relaxed at Starbucks for about two hours and then stopped in at several pharmacies to price Ibuprofen. I asked the pharmacy clerk where we could get some good churros and he told us about a churro cafe a few blocks away.

We decided to check it out and I'm so glad we did. The cafe was air conditioned and had free WIFI. And the best part? Fresh, made to order churros! If you ever go to Ensenada, stop in at Cafe La Churreria. I highly recommend it.

Isn't this a comfy looking cafe?

And here are the churros!

After devouring our churros, we decided to go back to the ship and relax. On our way into town, we walked through a large, open plaza and didn't pay much attention to it. However, on our way back to the ship, we discovered that the plaza was actually one large fountain with water shooting out in time to music coming out of hidden speakers. It was really cool!

We dropped off our purchases in our cabin and then went to the Atrium bar for a nice cool drink. It was a great way to cool down and relax a bit before dinner.

Stay tuned for a report on our sea day!

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