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Sunday, November 27, 2016

My Cruise: Sea Day

I love sea days! I really, really do! We basically did nothing the whole day, just relaxed. We started the day with the Sea Brunch, which was phenomenal. I had the Fillet Mignon with eggs and cheesy potatoes. SO GOOD! I was so hungry that I devoured everything before realizing that I had neglected to take a picture of my food. Oh well....

On board there are always good specials when it comes to liquor so I bought a couple of bottles.

We actually cracked them open on Thanksgiving. Yum!

I thought this was funny.

Had a few drinks throughout the day at different bars, just to check them out, of course. I noticed that shark drink mug and had a good laugh. It was expensive! Something like $15!

There was quite a bit of hustle and bustle by the pool so I chose a quiet spot off to the side of the ship to enjoy the view...

Towards the late afternoon, Linda and I met up back at our cabin to get ready for a big fancy dinner!

On a side note, our cabin was near the art gallery and they had quite a collection of artwork. Some pretty weird stuff, too.

Our invitation instructed us to meet in the Atrium Lounge so we arrived a little early to have a cocktail and relax. I ordered a Chocolatini and it was GOOD!

Oh man, the perfect way to start off the evening!

Here we is, a couple of nuts.

We were met by the Head Chef's assistant and he was in charge of the pre-dinner tour. And now it's time to begin the kitchen tour!

Before being shown around, we got to sample some hour-devours. (I will post the menu below.)

This first photo shows the Mango Spheres but I devoured mine before I thought of taking a close-up shot. oops!

These are the Salmon Tartar Cornets.

It is amazing to see the intricate things they create with food.

This is the Beef Carpaccio on Air Pillow.

I know you are probably wondering what these things are but rest assured that they were served to us in the same order that they appear on the menu so refer to that for complete details.

This is the Double Cooked Lamb.  We had four appetizers and then the tour continued.

Now, walking through the galley...and I was amazed that people were working around us!

Believe it or not, I have to split this into two posts because there is just soooo much I want to share with you!

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