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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Festival of Holidays at DCA

Oh what fun!! Be prepared - this is going to be a very long post. A VERY LONG POST. Not much in the way of text but lots of pics. Are you ready?

This year I noticed many, more holiday decorations in DCA and that's a great thing. I know that many of you won't have the chance to visit the Parks during the holiday season so I hope these pictures give you an idea of what's going on.

Some pretty cool new merchandise at Elias and Company.

And now, the Festival of Holidays. I had no idea what to expect but after seeing it, I think the best way to describe it is to say that it's a Holiday themed Food and Wine Festival!

Afteer seeing and smelling so many yummy things, I ordered a mini Turkey Pot Pie with Cranberry Sauce and loved every bit of it.

I walked around a bit more and when I saw the Mac and Cheese with Jalapeno Corn Bread Crumbles, I HAD to get some. I was not disappointed!

For dessert, I had sweet potato pie. Oh my!

Next, I walked around Radiator Springs a bit...

Then I walked over towards the wharf area and back to Radiator Springs, LOL.

Oh my goodness, I still have more pictures to share but I am getting super sleepy so I'm going to end this here and continue in another post. See ya!

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