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Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Cruise: Final Morning

Oh, MAN!!!! I can't wait for my next cruise!!! Sorry but I just had to get that out. Ok...deep breath....

I should have posted this picture in my last post about the Chef's Table but to be perfectly honest, I forgot to scan it! I figured you wouldn't mind if I posted it here. Each one of us got an 8x10 photo and that was included in the price of the dinner. Nice touch, right?

On our last morning I got up early, as usual. I made my way to the buffet restaurant to get some coffee and decided to sit outside to enjoy the view while I still could. Soon it would be time to go back to the cabin, gather my belongings and leave the ship

The ship had docked in Long Beach while we were still sleeping. Some day I'd like to watch the docking process but I already get up too early as it is so I'm not about to get up even earlier, LOL.

It was so nice to enjoy my coffee and take in the scenery.

Don't ask me why I took this picture - I have no idea! It wasn't a mistake because I clearly remember deciding to take this shot but WHY??

One thing I'd like to suggest to all of you taking a cruise is to download the cruise line's app. They all have them now and it pays to become familiar with it and use it while on your cruise. At your fingertips you have all the information you could want, dining times and locations, entertainment options - you can even see how you've spent your money!

Like I said, all of the cruise lines have their own app and they are available for both iPhone and Android phones. And they are free so download whatever you need for your phone and take advantage of all they have to offer.

There is one thing you need to know. If you need to refer to your charges after you've left the ship, you are out of luck because the information disappears! So how is it that I can share my info with you? Well, a little voice told me to take screen shots while looking at the app and I am so glad I did!

That wraps it up for my Carnival cruise! I have already booked another cruise for 2017. Ya, I know... you are not surprised by this! I'll be cruising with Disney and I can't wait!

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