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Sunday, January 8, 2017

I went to Disneyland

Nothing new, right? Ah, but there IS something new! Most of you know that I am on a podcast called The Disneyland Gazette. From time to time, I record reports from the Parks and share those on the podcast. However, many people don't listen to podcasts and I wanted to find a way to share those audio recordings via Facebook and Twitter so that people could get a taste of what our show is all about. I found a way! But let's get back to Disneyland and I promise to give you more info on hearing my audio reports at the end of this post.

By noon, the Mickey and Friends parking structure was already full so I ended up at the Toy Story lot.

Christmas was till everywhere in the Park and I was glad I got to see the decorations one last time before they were gone for another year.

I was meeting my friend, Alicia, so I made my way to Big Thunder Railroad where she was waiting for me.

We took the obligatory selfie and then met up with the rest of our group and had a great day. It was crowded but not enough to make me want to go running down the freeway against the flow of traffic.

The ladies had fast passes for Indiana Jones so I rode the Jingle Cruise. So glad I did! They have added so much more this year and it is really festive.

While in line, I spotted this.

On the second level, I found a cool Christmas tree!

Once we got back together, it was time for a group photo.

A couple of hours later, Alicia and I left Disneyland and went to the Hearthstone Lounge at the Grand Californian Hotel to meet Mallory and have a drink.  We found a nice sofa and chairs by a window and relaxed while we enjoyed our drinks and made plans for a couple of road trips!

Our next stop was over at the Disneyland Hotel. We found a comfy spot on the terrace at Trader Sam's where we enjoyed a couple more drinks and a burger. This is where we recorded our field report and discussed a few things including the elusive alcoholic Dole Whip that we all wanted to try.

Here's a little bit of ambience for you...

And here is the mysterious alcoholic Dole Whip which we did NOT get to try. Boo hoo!

Soundcloud enables me to upload the records and share them. The only minor drawback (VERY minor) is that if you want to listen you have to sign up but it's free and only takes 30 seconds! If you sign up with your Facebook account, it's even faster!

I strongly encourage you to give it a shot. Thanks!

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