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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Tribute to Adam West

Note: Had some technical issues with this post but I believe they have all been fixed!

I was lucky enough to win tickets to an Adam West Tribute show in Riverside for Saturday, July 15, 2017. I was jazzed because they would be screening the Batman movie! We had to pick up the tickets early so we decided to have dinner near the Fox Theater. My friend, Cecelia told me about a funky Mexican restaurant that sounded really cool so I was eager to check it out. At Taco Tios, we had tacos and tried to stay cool during an unbearably hot heat wave. The atmosphere of the place helped take my mind off of the heat for a while. What you see below is a close up shot of our table top.

While waiting for our food, I started looking around and got the biggest kick out of all the unusual stuff used to decorate the place.

After we ate, we started walking around and exploring the property. I didn't know which way to turn! I sat this and knew we HAD to take our pic here!

Every single nook and cranny was jam packed with stuff. To be honest, I kinda dig it!

These statues were at least twenty feet tall! As you look at all of the art you start to notice that it is made from junk. Other people's junk is turned into art. Quite funky indeed!

I have no idea what you would call this piece, LOL.

Cecelia showing off her angel wings.

Here I'm posing with a couple of musicians.

After exploring the grounds, we walked to the Fox Theater to get in line for the big show. A guy was working on a chalk drawing of Adam West as Batman and I thought it was GREAT!

Cecelia and I were admiring the drawing when all of a sudden the Bat Mobile showed up!

Once inside I thought we were only going to see the movie but we were treated so some GREAT music performed by the Rayford Brothers. What made it even better is that they were dressed as Batman, Robin and The Riddler!

It was a FANTASTIC evening and the Rayford Brothers made it all the better!

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