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Thursday, February 4, 2010


I love planning my vacations. I don't mean planning as in making the reservations but rather, making the decision to go someplace and then doing as much online research as I can for the location I have chosen. Some people I know think I'm nuts for getting, as they say, "so into" my vacation but then they aren't the type that like to travel so I don't let them bother me. Actually, I feel sorry for them - they never get to see or experience something new. So anyway, back to my vacations!

I am going to Florida in December for two weeks. I've always wanted to see Walt Disney World all decked out for Christmas so that's what I decided to do! I hope the months fly by....and I'm also making plans for 2011. I want to go back to England AND I want to take a cruise to Alaska. No, I don't have a rich boyfriend and I haven't found a bag of money...but somehow, I'm gonna try to make it happen. It's good to dream!

I hope you enjoy this picture I took last week!

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