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Thursday, February 25, 2010

What do we have here?

What do you think these are? These were SURPRISES! These were a gift sent to me by a soldier I support in Iraq! Is that super cool or what?

I love doing what I do - it makes me feel good. Every once in a while, I hear back from one of the people I am supporting and it makes me feel like I can fly...without my broom!
The soldier that sent this to me isn't even in the military fulltime; he's in the National Guard. National Guard! He had to give up his job to serve our country. And he's sending ME gifts! Now THAT is humbling. He will be going home soon so I've adopted another; this time a youngster with no family back in the states. Well, he's got Tia Connie now!
Freedom Isn't Free...

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Scrumplet said...

Ah, but what we want to know is: any genies in that lamp? ;-)