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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boats and Signs

Short post today...we continue with the "back area" of the Disneyland Hotel.
The sign above caught my eye because I think it's really neat and clever.

Good old #15 which didn't work quite right, LOL. This was the boat I played with. I was trying to think of a more grown up way of saying it but let's just call it what it is - I was playing with the boats just like a kid! I have a lot of fond memories of this place. My parents and I would spend time exploring the waterfalls, racing boats...it was great.

This place will be missed.

I have to say that my expertise is NOT in steering a boat, LOL. I never made it past the center of the lake!

I mentioned signs...tomorrow I'll post photos of more signs. I figured I might as well preserve those as well!

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