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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hiding in plain sight

Sorry for the lack of posts but if the truth were to be told (as I'm about to to right now) I haven't done anything interesting or gone anywhere interesting. Not even Disneyland! Sad, isn't it? LOL
So, I'm here to direct you to my favorite bloggers over there on the right side of the page. Check them out - I already have. Tons of cool stuff to see and read!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Old Spice Dude, Cat Technique

I love, love, love the videos this guy puts together. They are so silly and they crack me up!

Stuff On My Cat - Stuff + Cats

Stuff On My Cat - Stuff + Cats

What? No new photos?

Ya, no new photos. Been kinda busy during the day and in the evenings...haven't gone anywhere! Tonight when I go walking I'll take my camera with me. Hopefully the geese by the lake will pose!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Disneyland's birthday Part 3

This was one of the few signs I saw for the 55th.

Here you can see the platform and microphone that was set up for the ceremony to be held later in the day.

The old Egg House which I fondly remember. I wish they would bring back an eatery of some kind. Even if it was just a coffee house - that would be cool.

Ah, merchandise. Yes, I love bags!

Apologies to my male readers...

Love this T-shirt!

I love all the birthday gift bags surrounding the giant snowglobe in the Emporium.

I didn't take pictures of all of the 55th merchandise but these were too cute to pass up.

Guess what was playing inside the Cinema? YES! Opening day footage!!! It was great.

A couple of the books I want.

The castmember ringing up my purchases.

You KNOW all of that stuff they bought is going to end up on eBay....you just know it!

LOTS of people everywhere.

The Disneyland Band was playing Happy Birthday!

Look at this line......for a pin. I decided I didn't need it that much.

The Carnation Cafe was crowded, also....but I was hungry so I got in line.

While waiting in line, I looked up and noticed these windows. Chinese food?
When did those go in?

Then I noticed the gas lamp up above....love those gas lamps.

Here you see the gigantic iced mocha I mentioned in an earlier post.

As I left, I noticed that the train was empty!

Then I noticed that it was almost noon...time for the ceremony to start....

....and time for me to find some air conditioning!

July 17th continued

As usual, my shot of the train station clock to document my arrival time :-)

The line for City Hall was LONG...and I have no idea why. It extended waaay beyond the left edge of this photo!

This is where the re dedication ceremony would be held at noon.

Disneyland's Birthday

This is what I consider the "arrival" point. One left turn and you begin your entrance to the Mickey and Friends parking structure. I arrived at this point at 8:58 a.m.

I actually parked and got out of my car at 9:11 a.m. It felt like it took a lot longer.

There were hardly any people in line to buy tickets at 9:25 in the morning. Strange, I thought.

But good golly Miss Molly, look at the crowd waiting to get into DCA! It did my heart good!

I didn't have to wait long to enter Disneyland...

Yes, I know I'm a little late with this post so I apologize for that. Right off the bat, I'd like to say that I was very surprised at the lack of things to photograph in the Park. There were only a few things here and there that said 55th and the few that I missed, I missed because in my opinion, it wasn't worth standing in line IN THE SUN for two to three hours. Heck no! Disneyland is a place I dearly love and I go there to soak in the atmosphere and simply enjoy myself. My love of Disneyland is not all about collecting the "limited" edition merchandise so it was with a combination of excitement and amusement that I walked around the Park on Saturday.
As I was heading up Main Street to leave, I decided to have breakfast at the Carnation Cafe. The wait was longer than usual, of course, so by the time I was seated, I was sure I was going to miss breakfast but the waiter assured me that since I was in line before the break-off time, I could order breakfast. And what a great breakfast it was! For the first time ever, I ordered an iced mocha and to my surprise, received a HUGE glass full of ice and a delicious coffee drink. I also ordered the apple, granola pancakes with bacon. Oh yum! They were GOOD. Really, honestly good. I was told I could take my time so I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. The Disneyland Band went by a couple of times, as did the Fab Five on a fire engine, I believe, waving to everyone. The Dapper Dans stood across the street in the doorway of the Clothier Shop and entertained guests for quite a while. I didn't have a perfect view but I could see just enough and I could hear everything and that was good enough to add to my enjoyment of breakfast. I left at noon, thoroughly beaten by the sun :-(
Well, I will post more picture in a few minutes!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet The Harmonica Man

Alice in Wonderland

I took these photos when we went to the Alice in Wonderland Design Exhibition. I highly recommend it! No pictures were allowed so I was literally shooting from the hip, trying to be inconspicuous!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Union Station tour is back!

Wow, it's been a month and I had a hard time remembering what I had seen and heard!
If I've already posted this picture, I apologize. Oh well, I love it. You know by now that I love arches so when I saw this...it was like a magnet!
We are still at the MTA building, out on a balcony.

Back inside the building, we saw this interesting tile mural depicting vintage Los Angeles postcards. Quite pretty!

And this? I have no idea what this is but I thought it was quite beautiful!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The tour ends...

I apologize...I thought I had more photos from the hotel back area but you've seen them all so I am ending this series with a few shots that I took of DCA from the DVC member viewing area.

Walking back to our room, we passed a huge floor to ceiling window that looked out at the pool area. Made me wish I owned a bathing suit!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A slight interruption...

Don't worry, I will continue my report on the Disneyland Hotel back area but first, here is a little video I took today at DCA. I love the new decorations on the Mickey Wheel cars.

Dads Life Turn Up Your Speakers Dad.mp4

Saturday, July 10, 2010

More hotel area signs and breakfast.

Happy Saturday, everybody!
Below you see a shot of DCA that I took at dusk. I just thought the colored lights were pretty and you get a look at some of the construction that's going on next to the DVC units.
Back at the Disneyland Hotel...
I have always admired this phone card machine. I don't know anyone who has ever purchased one of these phone cards but I guess people do buy them because it's been there for years.

Now we're back outside...it looks like we can only go left!

Nothing special here....I just like the light streaming through the palm tree :-)

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy Breakfast with Ginger!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

More signs!

These signs are self-explanatory... Hope you enjoy them!

P.S. Someone suggested that I "copyright" my photos. I have no idea if I've done this correctly. Any suggestions??