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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I got my Disneyland fix!

Yes, I did. I went to the Park on Sunday afternoon. I really didn't want to go but I knew that all of you would be whining if I didn't so...

It's your fault! Ha!

These next three shots show the current "billboards" by the tram loading area.

While waiting for the tram, I noticed that Yoda was in line.

Finally, I'm in the Park! I paused for a spell, just to take it all in...

And that's it. OK, I lied. I took too many pictures so I have to break this up into a series of posts. Ha! One more thing: My friend shared this Christmas comedy recording with me and it cracked me up. Hope you like it.


Thufer said...

City hall and the Emporium look wonderful. What a beautiful time in the park.

A Snow White Sanctum said...

The park does seem nice this time of year. Looking forward to more pics. Thanks for going.