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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Magnolia Bird Farm

What? A bird farm? Well, technically, it's a store for people who have birds, buy birds, etc. It's not too far from the house and I've driven by it for years (Do you see a recurring theme here?) so my friend and I decided to pop in. Actually, it was while we were on our way home from The Avocado House...Imagine my surprise to see reptiles there!

Here's looking at you, kid. As my mom used to say, he's got the face only a mother could love. (And me...I actually like reptiles.)

I know nothing about birds, except they have pretty colors. Like this guy.

And this guy....

Oh wait, look at this guy!

Pretty cool, huh?

Yes, Virginia, there are rules.

We walked around the shop and then my throat started getting scratchy so I'm thinking I shouldn't be around so many birds, LOL.

So, if you are ever in the area and are curious, you should pop in and check out the Magnolia Bird Farm. Oh and guess what? It's been around as long as Disneyland!

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