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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mickey's Magical Map

I went to see Mickey and the Magical Map the other day and I was so entranced by it that I forgot all about taking pictures! However, my friend Mallory saved the day by snapping a few with her iPhone so here you go!

Personally, I could do without the extra dancers but I liked the main
characters very much.

As always, Mulan made me cry because I relate so much to her song, Reflection.

And who doesn't love Stitch? (Don't answer that or I will hit you.)

I love Tiana!

After the show we walked through Fantasyland. Did you know there is a wonderful photo opp with Dumbo? Unfortunately, it is tucked away in a spot that is easy to miss...but we didn't!

Yours truly, hamming it up.

Next, we headed on over to Big Thunder. It was awesome, awesome, awesome. Something these pictures aren't but I'm sharing them with you anyway.

As far as I could tell, not much changed outside.

Well now wait a minute...was this train here before? I don't think so.

Oh so tempting.

Your two dining divas right before getting on Big Thunder.

If you have a chance to see Mickey and the Magical Map, I highly recommend that you do. It's very cute and well done. That's it for now, folks.

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