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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Point Fermin Lighthouse

My adventure along the shore continues with a stop at Point Fermin Lighthouse. Mind you, I never even knew this lighthouse existed before this visit! I have been to the location several times in my life but was always mesmerized by the giant tree and...

...the outstanding ocean view. All I had to do was walk a few feet and BAM!

BAM!!! Over here...the BAM is over here! This beauty has just been sitting there and I never noticed????

Yup, I do love a big tree!

OK, back to the lighthouse!

Luckily, they were offering a brief tour so I waited because I simply HAD to get inside that house.

I had some time to kill so I enjoyed the gardens...

Finally I am inside and guess what? No photos allowed. Oh man....
Once again I went into ninja stealth mode.

The tour guide said I could take shots out of the windows so of course I did.

Time to go up to the second floor.

I love that dress!

I could definitely live here!!

Looking down I got a bit dizzy.

The tour ended and I went back outside to gaze upon the gorgeous grounds.

Oh and the ocean view...love that ocean view!

That's it for now so until next time...

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Shannon said...

I nominated you for a Leibster award. You can check it out at my Disney Blog at http://disaddict.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/my-blog-got-nominated-for-an-award/