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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Disneyland Train Stuff

I went to the Park the other night to meet up with a friend and she said she wanted to check out the Disneyland Train display. HUH? I didn't know they had set up a display. Inside the Opera House there was artwork and photos galore on the walls and there were display cases with super interesting train memorabilia. I was genuinely surprised at so many cool things to see. And the best part? An actual Engineer. Yes, folks, the guys that run those trains are castmembers but they are also actual ENGINEERS.

I'd like you to meet Mark!

We spoke briefly with Mark and he told us so many interesting things. He has been a castmember for 4 years. He wanted to be an Engineer from day one but Disneyland requires all candidates for the position to be regular castmembers for one year. He must have really wanted the job because he said he eagerly worked did his one year stint and then applied for the Engineer position. When he was accepted he had to take 6 months of training on the "fire side" of the train which is not something the public sees - it's not "show side". Then he had to train for 6 months on the "show side" which included backing the engine into the roundhouse and well as driving the train out of the roundhouse.

We all know that in order to produce the steam to run the engines, the temps have to get to 300 plus degrees but one fact that blew my mind was that the engines have to cool down for THREE DAYS before they are able to work on them!

If you find yourself at Disneyland, I suggest spending some time in the Opera House, and take in this exhibit.


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