Sunday, June 30, 2019

Galaxy's Edge

I could not believe my eyes when I got a text from a friend, Tommy (from DisGeek and The Cruise Dudes) asking if I wanted to be included in his reservation for Galaxy's Edge! I have said many times that I wasn't even gonna try to get in for at least a year so getting this opportunity was exciting!

I bought a cool hat.

The weather was great that morning....until it was time for us to line up. UGH. Y'all know how much I hate the heat and the heat hates me. But not even the heat could ruin my day. It tried, oh it tried...but I refused to succumb to it.

I had watched so many YouTube videos on Galaxy's Edge and I was still not prepared for the enormity of it all. No photo or video will ever do it justice. Take my word for it, this is something you have to see for yourself, up close and personal.

Can you find the Storm Troopers?

This place is MASSIVE.

Believe me when I say my jaw hit the floor.

I found this little section to be quite intriguing.

We were lucky enough to score entry to the Cantina and it's a good thing because my leg was killing me and I needed something to numb the pain. Doc said a cocktail would be good for me and gave me a prescription...for medicinal purposes.

Even though I had my entry ticket and was standing at the door to the Cantina, I still couldn't believe that it was actually happening.

Yes, I did take a couple of videos inside...and you will see much better stuff on YouTube but I know you guys want me to share so here goes...

Wanna check out the menu?

Here's my drink:  Jedi Mind Trick

A big thanks to Tommy for taking me along!!!

Finally it was time to board the Millennium Falcon. You guys know that I take pictures of all sorts of stuff, things that other people don't even notice. I think I took too many pictures, way too many to share here so I will pick out a few just because everywhere I looked there were so many details.

Look at the size of these doors. Unfortunately they don't open.

Looking out the windows...

And the line continues....

We got our assignments and I was a Gunner!

The interiors are amazing.

Inside the cockpit.

Guess what's next? The bathrooms!


I have to be totally honest...I had no idea where I was the entire time I was there. There is no way to learn a land in four hours. I couldn't help thinking about how I felt when DCA opened in 2001. I was witness to history. This place...this was history in the making once again.

By this time I was hungry so we all decided to grab something to eat. Since I was experiencing some thing new, a new land, I felt like eating something no and different, too. So I went vegetarian! Let me tell you, it was delicious!

I had the "meatloaf" and yes, I would have it again.

Tommy's wife got a very curious dessert.

Back outside....

I love the castmember costumes in Batuu. This is a custodian.

Before leaving, we did a little more shopping and inside one of the shops I was mesmerized by this section....nothing to buy, just theming to make the place look awesome.

Thank you hanging in until the end...I know it was a lot to throw at you! If you haven't listened to our episode about out visit to Batuu, check out Not Strictly Disney podcast, anywhere podcasts are found.

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