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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Disney Connection

My poor friends have to look at my photos constantly - I bombard them with my photographic adventures thanks to the Kodak Gallery! My friend Dean, emailed me with some interesting information so I copied his comments and pasted them here (forgot to get his permission - oops!).

Just looked at your photos of the great old architecture of Los Angeles....a long lost art form and one that is in need of preservation. Loved your photos, and thanks for sharing.

You may not be aware of a DISNEY CONNECTION to one of your photos. Wonder if any other of your Disney friends even know this....LOL.

Your second photo is of the Pacific Finance Building. In the 1950's, the Stanford Research Institute (no connection with Stanford University) had its offices in that building. [Sorry that I do not know on which floor. There are only so many Disney facts that I can cram into my pea-sized brain.] Roy Disney hired that firm for $32,000 to search for the best possible location for Disneyland. On August 28, 1954, Walt and Roy drove to the Pacific Finance Building to receive SRI's final report. After rejecting several other likely sites, the report concluded that Anaheim was the ideal location for Disneyland.

Leave it to me to be able to remember trivia like that. LOL

The funny thing is....I stood there looking at that building and I couldn't stop staring at it. I'd look away and I had to turn back and look at it again. Over and over this happened...weird!

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