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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Walt Disney Slept Here...

Today I did something fantastic. Today I took a walking tour of historic downtown Los Angeles. I was born downtown. I worked downtown, I shopped downtown....that is, until the 1970's when downtown started getting neglected and ugly. But guess what? It's back! And better than ever! And those beautiful old buildings are being preserved!

So we're on the tour and we stop in front of the Hilton Hotel and our guide tells us that when this hotel opened in 1928 it was called the Mayflower. It opened with quite a bit of fan fare. It was the first hotel ever to be completely themed. This is the key word, boys and girls, the hotel had a theme. And shortly after the hotel opened, a young man from the mid-west stayed at the Mayflower...

That young man was Walt Disney!

This last photo shows some of the details on the side of the building. The eagles with snakes in their mouths are supposedly there to pay homage to our Mexican history. Nice touch!
I loved this tour so much, and I highly recommend it. There are several tours sponsored by the Los Angeles Conservancy and I plan to take them all! I took TONS of photos and will post more later.


Darrin.. said...

SO Cool. If I lived in Cali, I'd spend endless hours wandering and exploring sights such as these.

Thufer said...

What a wonderful story. Thank you.

Marty said...

Is it located on 5th Street?♥