Thursday, June 24, 2010

Union Station Tour Part 3

This caught my eye immediately...Where are the payphones? No longer needed, I guess now that everybody and their grandmother has a cell phone!
Outside behind Union Station there are several walkways with beautiful flowers and fountains and lots of unique tile work. The bats caught my eye. What can I say - I like bats!

Below you see one of the fountains I mentioned earlier. There was a homeless lady washing her socks in the fountain and she saw that I wanted to take a picture so she asked me to wait while she washed the tiles and made them shine. I thought it was pretty neat of her.

I'm not sure what this is...a bench I guess. But it's sure pretty!

As part of our tour we went into the MTA building to look around. I liked this traffic update board and watched it for quite a while!

More pics tomorrow!

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Thufer said...

I have never been....I hope to change that with my next visit to LA. Thanks so much for these.