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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Disneyland Dream Suite

Those of you that have been reading this blog for a while know that I periodically post "not so new" pictures. Well guess what? The photos you are about to see are two years old but something tells me you will really like 'em!  Are you ready??? OK, let's go!

You will now be rewarded with a sneak peek into the Disneyland Dream Suite! When I was a castmember, they were conducting tours by appointment only and there were only a few appointments available so you better believe I rushed over to Harbor Point
and scheduled a tour!

I am sharing these photos for the first time...I hope you enjoy them!

It's time for the tour! The entrance is between Pirates and Tarzan's Treehouse. 

We're on the landing waiting to go inside. Everyone is looking down at the guests below.

Hey, where did the guests go??? I wanted someone to notice me up here!

The door opens and we all file in...

This entry hall is lined with copies of the conceptual artwork for the gallery.

I was so excited about being there that I didn't check my camera setting so my pictures won't be as sharp as they could have been. :-(

Here's proof I was in the Disney Dream Suite in costume!

This door goes out to the center courtyard.

More conceptual artwork...

This cool "D" is an electronic card reader. The guest waves a special key card in front of it and it unlocks the door to the suite. You can see my costume reflected in the mirror finish, lol.

This tile mosaic was made using the flower from the Disney family crest as a design element.

The door opens to reveal another hallway...

Since I managed to be first through the door, I rushed down the hallway to the main parlour... 

There are sooo many details in this room, some that I didn't notice until I was home looking at the pictures! The beauty of this suite is amazing. We were told that the room is full of antiques.

These oil murals are of 2 castles which are thought to be Walt's inspiration
for our gorgeous castle.

The carousel horse is a nod to what started it all...Walt taking his daughters to the merry-go-round and planning Disneyland. 

There's a crackling "fire" in the fireplace...

The light fixtures throughout were beautiful.

One of the switches..It says Parlor On, Watch TV and Parlor Off. 

And another gorgeous light fixture...See what I mean? 

We now enter the Adventureland room... 

Our guide was fantastic and he was full of great information.

He's telling us that at night, a hidden projection system, makes those blue curtains on the bed look like water cascading down.

In the bathroom, a beautiful mural lights up above the bathtub.

Incredibly gorgeous...

Looking to the left towards the "water closet" as they called it...

Another gorgeous light fixture... 

No explanation needed, lol...

A little window to the bathtub...

A  little nook by the bathtub. 

Not a very good picture of the towels, LOL. 

Gorgeous peacock tiles...

Yes, I literally stepped inside the shower to take this photo!

The vanity... 

Little twinkly lights come on above the bathtub and look...a hidden Mickey! 

Here's a cropped close-up of the Mickey head.

Looking into the room from the bathroom...

All these toiletries are imported from England and placed on real lead crystal.

The glass on these fixtures is lead crystal, too!

I fell in love with this massive desk.

The dressing room. The guests get to use the robes during their stay.

Now we're back in the parlor. See that clock? At night you hear When You Wish Upon A Star and Pinocchio's face appears on the clock.

Look at this! It's amazing! 

Look at the detail on this lampshade!

A close-up of the mural.

This is the other bedroom suite and it's full of antique toys.

This room has two beds and two big chairs. Those chairs were in the film The Happiest Millionaire". When the room is dark, that map on the wall lights up to
simulate Disneyland at night.

Another gorgeous light fixture. 

All these little things either light up or animate at night.

A better view of the map and an real antique stove. 

For some reason, I thought these fabrics looked so rich. Guess you had to be there, lol...

I really loved these beds!

That mirror is also a hidden television.

No matter where you look, you see the Disney touch.

The second bathroom shower. I wonder why there are so many "D"s all over the place???

 It's big!

This bathroom is more masculine than the other.

Isn't it great? 

Now we're out on the patio which has also been completely redone. Several of the guests below are wondering what we are doing. By the way, look at all the orbs. That means there is a lot of good energy at Disneyland!

 New seating and a new floor. (I miss being able to come up here and relax for a while.)

Remember that one large room they used to have for displays? It's been made smaller so that Club 33 could add space to their kitchen!

The hallway where the artwork used to hang back when it was the Gallery.

Now we're out in the center courtyard. Everybody is looking up at the "fireflies".
(This is another area I truly miss. We used to grab a soda and come up here to sit for a spell and get away from the crowds.)

Lots of nice seating and lanterns.

The fountain is still there and on the wall we see another design element taken from
the Disney family crest

There's another one of those "D"s!! 

After work, I couldn't resist taking a picture of an empty Main Street. Look at all the orbs!

Pretty cool, huh? And still more orbs...there's LOTS of good energy at Disneyland.

What's this??? A modern day truck on Main Street??

Well folks, that concludes our tour! I hope you enjoyed it. I want to give a nod to The Disneyland Gazette for sharing my photos on their site.
You need to check them out and also subscribe to their FABULOUS podcast on iTunes. Give them a 5 star rating - they deserve it and I'm sure you'll agree once you listen to them!

One more thing...
Well here's a little gem for ya.
This next photo was taken with my cell phone on my last day. It was backstage behind the bakery on Main Street. They had pulled the baby elephant out of the Jungle Cruise for repair and he was just sitting there so I told someone to take my picture!


Thufer said...

Amazing. I can only day dream as to what that must have been like in Walt's mind. I always have a fondness for the Firehouse Apartment; this is truly a Dream.
Thanks Connie.... well done.

Momma Nic said...

This was so fun, to follow you along. I really liked the baby elephant. I guess you just never know what you'd see in the course of a day, huh? Thanks for sharing

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW Connie, THANKS for the tour, its nicer than I imagined...

Do you know what the suite is used for now? I never see anyone up there on my visits?

Great post, thanks for taking the time to post all those awesome photos!

Davelandweb said...

That last photo is a treasure!

Major Pepperidge said...

Neat pictures, but if the Dream Suite doesn't have a soft-serve ice cream dispenser, how can they legally call it a "dream suite"??

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice series of pics, thanks very much.

I saw people up there on our last visit, they were watching the Fantasmic show, great seats for that.

Fun to have seen it the way you did.