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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I did the CHOC Walk Part Seven

Thanks for sticking with me on this CHOC Walk Tour!
This will be the last post so get comfortable and enjoy the tour.

Walking into DCA we are greeted by ElecTRONical People!
I'm anxious to see the movie but I don't get these guys....guess I have to wait until the movie comes out.

Here is Flick and Princess Atta with a very happy guest!

Now this caught my eye...it's a switch/signal for the new cable cars! I don't know what it's really called but I do know it's a train thing, LOL! Guess where we go next? Backstage!

I am assuming that this construction stuff is related to Carlsland
because it is right next to....

THIS!  Can you make out what it is??? You can barely see through this covered fence at the Carsland construction. Talk about a teaser! We leave the backstage area and end up in Bug's Land...

Look closely...there are berries of some kind growing here.
Hmm, I hear an engine roaring...

It's Lightening McQueen and his groupie!

Mater has one, too!

Smile for the camera!

Ever wonder what the backside of Mater looks like?

Here we see Jack-Jack doing his thing!

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible pose with guests.

While Myrna is taking a pictures of the Incredibles....

I zoom over to the group of people that
are waaaay ahead of us on this walk.

LOOK! They've got the lights and fountains running!

Here's a short video I shot.

Next we get to meet Duffy, Mickey's bear.

We've left Duffy and are now in the Paradise Pier area.

Looking back at all the people behind us...

I'm so glad that the construction walls are decorated.

 Here we see Luke receiving his diploma from Goofy's Sky School.

 We keep walking, walking, walking and finally exit DCA and then walk up through Downtown Disney towards the finish line.

 I am very tempted to treat myself to some new artwork!

 After the walk, I drove to Knott's Berry Farm for breakfast! First I got to enjoy some biscuits and gravy. YUM!

Then Chicken Fried Steak, two eggs over easy and crispy hash browns.
Double YUM! No, I couldn't eat it all after gorging on biscuits, so I took it home for dinner, LOL!

It was a great day - lots of fun and I encourage all of you to do the walk next year if you can!

By golly, I just found out from one of my readers that the train crossing sign / contraption is called a WIGWAG. I love it!


Davelandweb said...

Your pics convinced me - I am there for next year!

Michael Rivers said...

Some very fun pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!

sb-illustrations said...

Connie, regarding your 3rd photo....."the train thing", go here for the answer:


Thanks for all of your photos!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these, Connie. Glad you had fun. I want that breakfast!

JG (no profile today)

Darrin.. said...

Man.. that food looks divine! I MUST hit up Knott's next time I'm in Cali!