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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Buena Vista Street - Looking Around in Awe

I continued walking down Buena Vista Street, literally making myself dizzy because my head was going up and down, side to side, trying to take it all in. Here you see the Hyperion Bridge looking really cool against the shops. Ya, I know the people are out of focus but let's be real - you're not here to see people shots, right?  LOL!

The planters on Buena Vista Street are spectactular!

And then there's the fountain. Wow. It reminded me of the Mullholland Fountain on Riverside Drive in style. Here's another link. And another!

The DCA fountain actually made me feel nostalgic since I grew up not too far from the Mullholland Fountain. But enough about me...

Ghosts of Guests Past...
At this point, the fountain is behind me and I am looking out towards the shops. It's a lousy picture since it is out of focus and yet it conveys the feeling of a busy downtown Los Angeles street. At least to me it does!

I didn't realize this would turn into a history lesson about me but I grew up next to Elysian Park and my family would go there all the time and we lived in Elysian Valley so I HAD to take a picture of this!

Once inside, there is ice cream to the left and candy to the right.

A castmember told me that the chocolate dipped marshmellows are made fresh on site every day. Guess what I'm getting the next time I go back?

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