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Monday, September 16, 2013

Halloween Season Begins!

I went to Disneyland on Friday the 13th knowing that the Halloween goodies would be open to all but not fully realizing just how many people would go! Getting there was a nightmare...the last 4 miles took FOREVER. Thanks to some jerks that kept cutting into my lane, I missed getting into the parking structure. They closed it as I arrived. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I was rerouted to the Woody parking lot - ugh, talk about inconvenient! It took an additional 20 minutes to get to the parking lot and then 10 minutes to wait for a bus. By the time I actually got to the Park I was starving so the first order of business was to EAT! My friend from work met me at the Park and she had never been to the Jolly Holiday Bakery so that's where we went to grab a sandwich. Before placing my order, I snapped pics of the Halloween goodies....make sure you click on the pictures to enlarge them. You'll be able to smell the desserts. I promise!

This chocolate cookie crumb cheesecake is what I got for me!!

The next order of business was to take my friend to the Tiki Room - she had never been!!

We noticed one solitary tree in Frontierland with lights and walked over to it.

Under the tree was a plaque stating that Ray Bradbury always wanted a Halloween Tree in Disneyland so this was decorated in his honor. Strange,, no?

The shooting range was busy and all the sound effects seems especially loud...that's why I turned to look in that direction.

The Dia de los Muertos decorations were in full swing. I love them!!

I had never noticed the Mickey head until my friend pointed it out!

The carousel is down for rehab and yes, I thought about sneaking in!

At the Gallery, there is a carousel horse from the Griffith Park merry-go-round on loan to Disneyland. I went there soooo many times as a child. Lots of good memories!

And this is what I want for Christmas. I'm giving you all plenty of time to get together and pool your resources so you can buy it for me. K?

By this time it was midnight and I was tired so I started heading out. I took a few quick videos of the dance party on Main Street. They are just little snippets but I know you'll enjoy them. (You better!)

Sadly, all good things come to an end....

So here is a last look at the Main Street station before I leave the Park. Until next time when we shall continue looking at my previous visit to Disneyland.


Hugs said...

I clicked on the goodies to enlarge them and I almost swear that I smelled them. At one point I got horribly hooked on DL's strawberry sugared churros but sadly they don't put those out (strawberry sugared)anymore.

Thanks for the vid clips. I almost feel like I'm there.

Major Pepperidge said...

Connie, I missed you by a week! Wouldn't it have been weird to run into each other?