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Friday, September 6, 2013

Shrimp, Fantasy Ducks and ...

As I stated previously, I was mighty hungry so I stopped in at the Carnation Cafe. They were offering a shrimp pasta special so I decided to try it. If you are a foodie like me, this dish won't wow you but it will satisfy. It could have used a bit more flavoring but I guess they have to appeal to the masses and it's probably better to be a bit on the mild side. If there had been a bottle of Siracha on the table, I would have poured it on. I was pleasantly surprised to find SIX shrimp in the dish and they were hefty ones, too! I ate leisurely, all the while grinning like the Cheshire Cat because I was so happy to be at Disneyland.

Tummy full, I slowly made my up Main Street. The reflection of all the guests in the window of the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor made me pause...I thought it was kinda neat.

I actually stood there for several minutes, taking everything in, not wanting to leave Main Street!

Ah, the ducks. Those lucky devils get to live at Disneyland.

This was going to be my first look at Fantasy Faire and I wasn't quite sure if I would like it. I approached slowly.

OK, so they did a nice job on the fencing...

The flowers are gorgeous, of course.

And yet another duck caught my eye, LOL.

Surprisingly, I didn't take pictures. I was too busy examining everything. It is very well done but to me it felt like Fantasyland was intruding on to Main Street. I am probably in the minority but I was quite ambivalent.

I had to take this shot because I loved how these people were enjoying the area. The old man, probably resting while the grand kids are running around; the mother and daughter happily talking about what they had seen. For a couple of seconds, looking at these folks, I had the feeling I was in a far away place - and that was pretty cool!

I made my way over to Zocalo to check out the fountain planter. I love the way they use color and texture and change things up every season so I wanted to see what the landscaping artists had created for the end of summer season. Pretty!

And that's a wrap...for now.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I want to be a Disneyland duck!