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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Route 66 and The West

The Autry Museum had some very cool exhibits the day I visited. I'll give you a grief glimpse of what I saw but I have to say that I was very disappointed that photography was not allowed in most of the exhibit halls. Phooey.

Upon arrival, I saw this ginormous sign.

As you can seem there were three exhibits and I was excited to see them all. However, before entering the museum there are two gorgeous sculptures for everyone to enjoy whether you go into the museum or not.

The first sculpture depicts the pony express. The second depicts Gene Autry.

Before walking into the building, you can quickly check out the schedule and decide if you want to buy a ticket or not.

The first exhibit I saw was all about Route 66. I have to tell you it is GREAT! There was even a section about Walt Disney and Disneyland. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed and I couldn't even do my super secret ninja photo shoot from the hip thing because they had docents standing and watching people EVERYWHERE!

The second exhibit dealt with Native American bead work and once again, no photos were allowed. I have always, always, always been in love with Native American bead work so once again, this exhibit was very interesting and exciting for me.

The third exhibit dealt with how the West was portrayed by Hollywood. Photography was allowed here so I took shots of a few things that I thought might interest y'all.

This Eskimo totem was almost 12 feet tall!

I'm not sure how this motorcycle portrays the West but it is an Indian cycle so maybe that's the tie in? Beautiful bike, though!

I love eagles so this sculpture caught my eye. At first I thought it was carved of wood but no, it's a metal sculpture.

"You lookin' at me?"

This jacket is from the late 1880s and it was worn by Buffalo Bill!

This is from the section on singing cowboys....I only took it because when I was little, I mean LITTLE, we had one.

The details on this saddle AMAZED me. Talk about intricate! I feel sorry for the horse that had to wear it as I'm sure it is extremely heavy.

Next, I got to see the costume for the original Tonto.

And what exhibit about the West would be complete without Michael Jackson "Western" boots???

Oh ya, and the glove...

One of the last set of costumes are from the remake of the Lone Ranger.

I guess they saved the best cowboy for last....one of Clint Eastwood's costumes.

I explored the gift shop and they had quite an assortment of very unique and beautiful items but this cracked me up.

That's it for now, folks.

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