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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More No Crowds (huh?)

The other day I posted a few pics from my last visit to Disneyland showing that there were no crowds. Those days don't happen too often, let me tell you.

I finally got around do downloading the rest of my pics so here they are for you to enjoy.

In New Orleans Square, I hid behind a construction wall.

In Fantasyland there is a shop with all sorts of girlie goodies and I'm willing to bet that no one ever notices this gorgeous stained glass window!

In line for the Jungle Cruise and no one is behind me!

You've seen a couple of these before but here are all the shots in sequential order.

A ride around the Park before heading back to the hotel.

Once at the Grand Californian, I take a few shots from the balcony.

And later that night...

That's it for now!