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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Historic Lake Elsinore

The historic section of Lake Elsinore isn't very big, maybe a mile in length, but it is very quaint and worth stopping by for a bite to eat and a little exploration. As I started down Main Street, I noticed a sign that said I was on historc Route 395. I made a mental note to look it up when I got home and this is what I found. I had no idea!

The first thing that caught my eye was the grand old building you see below.

I pulled up in front of the building to get a better look. Pretty cool, huh?
This was built in 1923.

I continued down the street, snapping a few pics as I went along. See what I mean about quaint? And cute!

At the end Main Street, you make a quick right turn and you are right at the lake.

I decided to turn back towards Main Street so I could take a few more pictures going in the other direction. As I was driving, I saw two lots on two different streets with walls and arches like the one below. I have no idea what they were for or what they represented but they caught my eye so I took the picture.

Now I'm back on Main Street headed towards the freeway. I love the look of these old buildings.

I think you could easily spend a few hours exploring the shops and then getting something to eat at one of several restaurants on this street.

Here's that cool building again. But wait...I found something else!

About a block up the street, I saw this. I had to pull up in front to get a good look and there was a placque that said this building was made in 1887!

After passing the building I got back on the freeway but I spotted something else - a cool older home, probably built in the late 1920s. I know these photos aren't the best but my excuse is that I took them on the fly while I was getting on the freeway!

Ya, I know, I'm nuts.

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