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Monday, September 29, 2014

Mickey's Halloween Party 2014

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
I did it! I went to Mickey's Halloween Party!

I had an easy costume. The difficult part was getting into character.

The Mad Scientist.

We're ready for some fun!

It was Lisa's first visit during the Halloween season.

May I introduce you to Jeff and Lisa, LOL. Let me tell you, they got so much attention that night, even posing for pictures with several guests.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the castmembers had awesome themed costumes!

Getting our wristbands.

Here's a closer look.

Next, we checked in for a tour we had reserved. Disneyland offered the Happy Haunts Tour on certain evenings. There is a separate charge for that and it has to be reserved ahead of time so keep that in mind. I'll blog about that experience later.

We had a blast Trick or Treating and
getting LOTS of goodies.
There was even a special treat for Annual Passholders which I can't bring myself to eat!

Here are a few video clips - enjoy!

We got a great spot for the fireworks and really enjoyed the show until the finale...because there was no finale! All of a sudden, the sound died, the fireworks stopped exploding and the lights came back on. Such a bummer!

It had been quite a long day so we made our way up Main Street for a few more photo ops.


WARNING - You may forever be scarred.

I love what they did to the train station!

And with that, we called it a night. Check back soon for the Happy Haunts Tour.

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