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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Monorail in Slow Motion

The last time I was in the Park I was experimenting with different camera apps. One in particular caught my attention and I tried to shoot several slow-motion videos but it just would not work. Frustrated, I decided to put the phone away and ride the Monorail and just relax.

I began my journey in Tomorrowland and enjoyed the view all the way to the hotel. I decided to stay on board and once again pulled out my phone and turned on the camera app so that I could attempt to take another slow motion video. Once the ride was over I noticed that I had received a text message from a friend telling me to meet her on Main Street so I put the phone away and forgot all about the video. That is, until today.

I watched the video and was disappointed that the slo-mo feature did not work. I was about to delete it when all of a sudden the speed changed and the video was in slow motion! I watched the entire video and really enjoyed being able to clearly see the sights that normally whizz by at top speed while you are riding the Monorail. remembered that while I was filming, I was worried about the crying baby next to me being too loud. Oh well, I probably wasn't going to use this video anyway.

So as I am watching the video about halfway through I hear a cow. A what? A cow. Actually, it's the crying baby, LOL!!!

I apologize for this poorly shot video but I had to share it because I know there are at least three of you out there that want to see the view in slow motion! Oh and guess what? Just as the Monorail rounds the bend and starts heading back to the Tomorrowland station, the slo-mo goes away and the camera shifts back to regular speed! I couldn't have planned it any better.

Well guess what? Now that the video is uploaded, it won't play in slow motion. Darn!!! I'm really sorry about that, folks. :-(

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