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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Disney Cruising Part 2

Hello and welcome back to part 2 of my little weekend adventure! I hope you are comfortable because this is going to be a LONG post! As I said in my last post, we started our Disney weekend with a very nice lunch.

OK, I'll show you the buffet at the Bleach Blanket Buffet.


You know, I've always wanted to go into the "kids only" area known as Oceaneers Club and when we heard they were having an open house, we rushed over there to scope it out. Here is a brief glimpse of what's inside.

More exploring....

We walking into Triton's dining-room and I was blown away by the giant mosaic on the wall. I was told that it took four women five months to create it with very small pieces of tile. Amazing!

This is where we would be having dinner later that night.

See that monitor on the wall?

Here is a better view. Not much better but oh well...

At 1:30 our cabin was ready so off we went to check it out. Walking down the hall we were surprised to see how many people decorated their doors!

Then we saw that our travel agent, Myrna from Magic of Mickey Travel, had decorated Jen's parents' door because they were celebrating an anniversary!

Back out on deck to enjoy another drink.

Shortly before sailing, we had the mandatory safety drill which gave us nice views of the San Diego coastline.

Waiting for my travel compaions to join me for dinner.... Notice that round container? Those are antibiotic wipes. You can not enter into any dining area without cleaning your hands. There are two castmembers at the door handing out wipes to every person that enters. And you know what? I'm glad Disney is doing that because there are too many people that don't bother washing their hands. UGH!

Sadly, we forgot to take pictures of our dinner but here's my dessert!

After dinner we hit the shops and rested up a bit for the pirate party but it was too darn cold and windy that night so I went back to my cabin and watched the fireworks from our window! That concludes day one. See you next time for day two.