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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Disney Cruising Part 3

Another long post...Part 3 is about Day 2. Confused? I know I am. What confuses me even more is having to flip back and forth between my photos and Jen's photos because I want to make sure that you get to see everything.

Let's start the day early, shall we? I woke up super early. Jen and Charisma were sleeping in so I decided to go have a nice coffee at the Cafe Bar.

Let me give you an overall quick view of the Cafe Bar.

It was nice having the whole place to myself! While I was enjoying my latte, I noticed a tiny Mickey on my coffee mug!

And one on my plate!

And now one "to go"...only this one had Kahlua and Baileys in it - hey, I'm on vacation!

Once Jen and Charisma were up, we went to Triton's for breakfast.

I was NOT delighted by finding pork and beans in my omelet. They claimed they were baked beans but I love baked beans and these were not it!

I hate wasting food and I tried to eat my breakfast but I couldn't. I apologized to our waiter and he kept making suggestions for other items because he wanted me to be happy. I let him know that everything was fine and I would just wait until lunch to pig out, LOL.

Jen loved the lights in the ceiling...

After breakfast, we wanted to walked around the ship a bit but first we made a quick stop to our cabin and I'm glad we did. I had a surprise waiting for me!
Since I've sailed with Disney before, I got a cool thank you gift from them!

Me and my bag, lol...

It's a lovely day at sea...so let's go back up on deck.

Bur first, we have to check out the super cool decor on the ship.

Look closely at the TV...

The carpet is a map of Route 66!

Now we're headed towards the main lobby...

I just love this statue of Ariel.

We explored. We went up, we went down, we went bow to stern. In other words, we went all over that ship!

And now, for Adults Only...

By this time I was starting to get hungry! I grabbed a quick bite and then found a quiet spot for "dessert".

Still wondering around and exploring the ship....

Guess what? We're not done with day 2 but we will have to continue on my next post!

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