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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Disney Cruising Part 4

We are still on day 2. Got that? Don't get confused because then I'll get confused!

After I finished my drink, I decided to walk around the ship some more and I ended up by the shops (of course!) I thought this window display was adorable.

And then I noticed this...

He is even MORE adorable! You can barely notice him in the photo above. Heck, I barely noticed him while I was standing there. But then I did. And I fell in love.

Here's another cute display.

Meanwhile, Jen was doing some exploring of her own and noticed a few details that I had missed!

I met up with Jen and her parents and we killed some time in a bar waiting for our mixology class. Jen had a hot toddy and I had a pomegranate martini! Yes, it was delicious. Oh, notice the cool Disney Cruise Line lanyard I am wearing? I got that for sailing with them a second time. Nice!

My followers on social media kept asking me where we were going and I kept saying, "Nowhere" so when I saw this display in one of the hallways, I had to take a picture of it. It shows the ship's position.

Now it was time for our mixology class! We were told that we would be learning how to make four cocktails and one shot and I sat there thinking, "You make a shot? You don't just down a shot??" The bartender asked for five volunteers to come up and he would guide them through making the first cocktail. Then his assistants brought out "properly made" versions of that cocktail for us to enjoy. Then for the next cocktail, four new volunteers went up so on and so on.

I convinced Jen to go up and she made a banana flavored drink and the name escapes me. Normally I don't like banana flavored anything (only the real thing) but this was quite good.

Our favorite drink that afternoon was the shot! It was called a Jellyfish and you can see below that it does look like there is a jellyfish in your glass.

It was SUPER delicious and made with vodka, Amarula and a dash of grenadine to simulate the jellyfish. And before you say Ama-what? here is a picture of the bottle.

We totally enjoyed ourselves and the class was very entertaining and fun and well worth the $20 charge.

By the way, did I mention we were in the Cadillac Bar? It was very cool.

After the class we all went up to the bar and ordered more Jellyfish shots!

Did I mention we really enjoyed ourselves? We had a little time to kill before having our last dinner on the ship at Animator's Palate. I believe we did a little bit of shopping but I'm not quite sure....those darn Jellyfish!

We settled in and ordered our food and I told Jen to keep an eye on our surroundings...

Me, acting a fool with Jen's dad.

The appetizers arrived.

At dinner, I ordered a porkchop - it was massive!

For the life of me I can't remember what this is or who ordered it!
It sure looks, good, though.

Jen had salmon and she said it was incredible.

This was how they served catshup to Charisma!

Now the colors are starting to come out. I can tell you this - even though I've seen it before, it still thrilled me!

Charisma got to know the waiters quite well!

Now this is cruising, LOL!

This little guy was waiting for us in our cabin along with some yummy chocolates.

Another cutie!

Can it be that we've reached the end of Day 2? NO! There is still quite a bit to share but this post has gotten way too long so we will continue next time!

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Darrin The Retro Dad said...

This is making me want to go on a Disney cruise STAT!!