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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Historic Houses

Y'all know how much I love old houses. I was lucky enough to find out about a house tour a few weeks ago and I jumped at the chance to take the tour and see some grand houses. Some are actually being lived in, others are being restored. I scanned the brochure I received that day and have posted pages from it so that you can get a bit of history about each house. Make sure you click on each image to enlarge it!

There is plenty of wonderful info in these pages so make sure you don't miss it!

And now, The Rindge Mansion, the first house on the tour, the most grand in my opinion. Here's the right side...

And the left side.

This lamp by the front steps was HUGE. Unfortunately no photos were allowed inside.

But they didn't say I couldn't take a picture of the front door!

Dig the cars in the driveway.

This house was not on the tour but I thought it was beautiful so I took a picture of it.

The next house, the Wesley W. Beckett Residence, must have been AMAZING back in its heyday. It has been vacant for many years and the current owner bought it in January and is in the process of restoring the home. Pictures for the Theodore Washburn Residence otherwise known a The Hattie McDaniel Residence, follow.

I got to walk through the home above but I didn't take any pictures mainly because I was so saddened at the state of disrepair.

Note: The Hattie McDaniel house was not open due to a family emergency. It was disappointing because I REALLY wanted to see inside that house. This is the front of Hattie McDaniel's house and I also walked around and took a shot from the side.

I bet this house is really something inside!

On to the next house, which I mistakenly entered through the backyard, LOL!

This is the Kenworthey Residence. Pictures for the Charles Moore Residence immediately follow.

This is a close-up of the plaster decorations all along one bedroom wall.

I loved these vintage bathrooms!

To me, this kitchen is amazing.

Here is the front of the house.

Next up is the Charles Moore Residence.

Here is a video of the downstairs bathroom.

 Wood, wood, wood everywhere. Truly a beautiful house!

Love this wallpaper in the livingroom.

Many of the light fixtures in the home are original. It's a miracle they've survived! Notice the two above the fireplace. You'll get a close up soon.

As promised, here is a close up of the wall sconce.

Here are a couple more videos!

That was the last house on the tour. I love getting to see inside these beauties and now I'm on a quest to find more historical house tours.

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