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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Last night, I read that many people have fought the battle against food and won by using a blog. I'm not sure if that will help me but I'm gonna give it a try. Yes, I've started other blogs in other places and never kept them up. So why is this one different. I'm not sure yet.

So, what am I frustrated about? The fact that I can't walk right now. I've been on a walking program for approximately 3 months now. It's great. I love it. So what's stopping me now? All the crud in the air from the fires. Yes, it is affecting me, even though I'm indoors. I've had a persistent cough all day and a sore throat since Sunday. I keep telling myself that I shouldn't complain but it bugs me that every time I start walking, something pops up to derail me. To compensate for the fact that I can't walk, I'm trying to eat even less than I already am. It's not working! At least today, it's not working. *sigh*

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Clare said...

I hope your throat clears up soon Connie and I also look forward to reading your new blog when you update frequently :).