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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lake Arrowhead

My godparents invited me up for a visit so I got away for a quick 24 hour trip to Lake Arrowhead with my cousin the other day and it did WONDERS for me. I love the mountains...all those trees..

This is my godparents' cabin.

After a while, we decided to head on down to the village and walk around.

We decided we were hungry so we went to the Belgian Waffle House for.....

A bacon Swiss burger! What were you expecting?
By the way, that burger was incredible!

After lunch, I bought some duck food and proceeded to make many new friends.

Even the fish were enjoying the duck food!

We continued walking around and then we spotted these cute little guys.

The day continues...tomorrow!

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Thufer said...

I would be tempted to spend a great deal of time in this place. Very pretty.