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Friday, August 5, 2011

Library Park in Monrovia, CA

I apologize for the lack of posts. I think my life is finally getting back to normal now. I still have a few boxes to unpack but I have to make room for those items so until that happens I will have a stack of boxes in the corner. Of course, you can do your part and help me by checking out my ebay auctions, LOL.

OK, so I took a break from packing (before the move) and joined up with some cousins at Library Park in Monrovia for a free concert in the park. I went two Sundays in a row and really enjoyed being outside under the trees, listening to music.

Upon arrival, I spotted this very cool statue of Mark Twin at one end of the Park.

We began walking towards the other end of the park to find the bandstand...

I fell in love with this giant tree and took at least 5 photos of it.

What do we have here? A pig! On a leash! Turns out her name is Sweet Pea and she comes to the park on a regular basis.

We found the bandstand....now to find our cousins!

We had a good time so as I said earlier, we returned the following Sunday for a Mariachi concert. Below is a snippet of a song you'll all recognize but I'm sure you never heard it quite this way...

Just in case you want a link to Library Park - check it out here.


Thufer said...

Outstanding, life out of balance is only good in the movies. I hope you really like the new address and I am looking forward to your returning to your normal posting goodness.
Happiness on you. :)
Good luck with the ebay thing.

A Snow White Sanctum said...

Music in the park, Twain on a bench, and pig on a leash...life is good.