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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rivers of America and New Orleans Dessert

I know, I know, you want to see what I ate for dessert. But you have to wait because I'm not there yet. First, we pause by the Rivers of America. There's a canoe full of people!

And there they go...

Wait, another canoe!

Time to take a quick peek at the Haunted Mansion. No, I didn't ride it.

Now I'm hungry....let's get something sweet to eat! And here it is, folks. A chocolate mousse cake in all it's glory. It was GOOD but I should not have eaten the whole thing by myself!

I couldn't eat another bite.

I waddled over by the Mansion again to check out the Nightmare merchandise.

Now don't get confused - I know you are looking at photos taken on Monday but here is a video I shot last night at Disneyland. I found a cool new app for my phone that let's me send video cards. 10 points for anyone who can spot my son doing his impersonation of a Muppet!